The Calm

during the storm

Help others see the light, say yes to the light, and be the light.
Provide a go-to for truth and love.
God first and love one another.


And welcome to my page.

My name is James, a retired Lieutenant Commander “Mustang” Officer with over 23 years of Coast Guard service; during my time as a sailor, I was privileged enough to work alongside some of the most remarkable leaders, and their influence on me continues to this day. Thankfully some of those leaders were bold enough to share their love of Jesus with me; I included one of my favorite videos from a mentor of mine, VADM Dean Lee, USCG (Ret); in this video, VADM Lee put his entire career on the line for his Christian values, and he had no fear (visible) while he did it.

After spending too many days at sea, I command a desk designing art and writing children’s books.

When I am not working, I am alongside Veronica, cruising down the road with our Airstream in tow on another adventure.

I am a staunch supporter of the Constitution and our Rights as individuals; I wish more people could see the political cancer slowly eroding what the Founding Fathers set in motion. I aim to bring as many people as possible to the same reality.







Peace and blessings.

Thanks for learning about the fabulous posts you’ve seen in your news feeds. We look forward to reading your comments about how your ascension in and to the Lord is going. We expect some great news to come forth in the next 5+ years, hopefully soon. So keep your faith eyes open for miracles, signs, and wonders.


Glory of Zion | gzi
This church is a rare jewel, they celebrate God and the victory of Jesus just like the days of King David, and they LOVE God with all their heart. Enjoy!!!

Reclaim Health | RCH
Dr. Laura is a functional medicine doctor, whole health, head to toe. The beginning of defeating anything is to learn the function of what is malfunctioning, correct? She has a 97% success rate with those who adhered to the healing process. Realistically, for some, it’s a quick turnaround; for others, it’s not. Phone consults are available, but be ready because time flies.

The Truth will set you free

And just in case you are wondering.

My expertise in the Coast Guard was all operational; during my tenure, I had command of three cutters, one of which was in combat operations in the middle east. Having executed well over 2000 search and rescue cases, roughly the same amount of maritime law enforcement boardings, and countless multi-agency operations, I leveraged that experience to improve the Service’s operational directives at the unit and Service level; the patrol boat multi-crewing plan is still in use today. My studies are in Business Management at Western Governors University, Liberal Arts/Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix, and Leadership/Management, as well as my commission from the United States Coast Guard Academy’s Leadership & Development Center in New London, Connecticut. 

Following my time in the Service, I worked as a detailed engineer for a major telecommunications company. I served as the operations director for a nationwide forensic engineering firm for a few years. I helped my wife, Veronica,  create a fantastic hay bale food garden that fed over 800 people; it was an enriching project! I am the proud father of three young men, two are in the Coast Guard, and the third is a cyber security specialist with a nationwide medical firm.


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