The Calm

during the storm

Help others see the light, say yes to the light, and be the light.
Provide a go-to for truth and love.
God first and love one another.


And welcome to my page.

My name is Veronica. I’m a born-again believer in the living God, Yahweh, and His son, the Messiah, who rescued me through his teaching, dying, and coming back to life. My body is a temple of the Holy Ghost; because of all this, I speak boldly about the truth of God and this world. The good, bad, and ugly. But mostly the great things of God.

Holy Ghost is the light, and Jesus is the salt. I post things that need light, and that is light. I share things to preserve you, Enlighten you, and encourage you.

Also, I have a book on how to grow food from hay bales.

It’s an easy read as well as an easy garden to maintain. “Unfortunately,” it’s so easy that you may get bored if you like the outdoors. My book references a 50-bale community garden, which is far from dull, but you can make your garden any size. I hope you check out my book or gift it to a friend.



My favorite is Telegram




Peace and blessings.

Thanks for learning about the fabulous posts you’ve seen in your news feeds. We look forward to reading your comments about how your ascension in and to the Lord is going. We expect some great news to come forth in the next 5+ years, hopefully soon. So keep your faith eyes open for miracles, signs, and wonders.


Glory of Zion | gzi
This church is a rare jewel, they celebrate God and the victory of Jesus just like the days of King David, and they LOVE God with all their heart. Enjoy!!!

Reclaim Health | RCH
Dr. Laura is a functional medicine doctor, whole health, head to toe. The beginning of defeating anything is to learn the function of what is malfunctioning, correct? She has a 97% success rate with those who adhered to the healing process. Realistically, for some, it’s a quick turnaround; for others, it’s not. Phone consults are available, but be ready because time flies.

Truth news with prayer and encouragement

Just to name a few. In 2020, thousands of patriots and truth seekers went independent as ‘We The People’ news sources.

And just in case you are wondering.

I studied Economics at the University of Texas at San Antonio; I managed and grew an HVAC business at one point, then educated employees about life and health insurance. Lately, I’ve been influencing lean management in the small business environment. But I’m more than these bland job titles and “what do you do” descriptions.

Having an adventurous spirit, as a young adult, I entered the United States Coast Guard. During my tenure in the military, I helped enforce fisheries and narco-trafficking laws from NE Florida to the Caribbean and gained experience in crisis management, leadership, human resources, safety training, and total quality management.

I’m married to an answer to my prayers, James, and we have three children, now young men in their 20s.

I enjoy anything with God, family, vitality, and laughter. And I’m still adventurous. 

   -Blessings to you!

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